Suffering with Jesus

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It was over two years ago now. I’d gotten a concerned call from Michelle and headed home from work. When I got there, there was even more reason to be upset and confused. The next day we found out we’d miscarried our first pregnancy, but for that evening, we were lost in confusion, pain, and a hint of what was happening. In those moments, I didn’t know what to do, but I knew we needed to hear from God. In these situations, people typically run to the Psalms. They’re full of perspective and the reality of life in a suffering, fallen world. But I think in my mind that night, I wanted something that was long (because I honestly didn’t want the...

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Afflictions eclipsed by glory

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As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I want to draw your attention to a song and it’s story that has been very helpful to my soul lately. John Mark McMillan’s recent album The Medicine has deeply ministered to me, but especially with this song. It draws me to humbly embrace God’s love for because my “afflictions [are] eclipsed by [His] glory.” God is glorious to behold, and even in the darkness of pain and sorrow, he leads us in his love. Hope you enjoy it. Any comments I’d have on it would be better time spent in you just watching the videos. [vimeo] [vimeo] I’ve really...

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Given, but not given to us to raise

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As unbeknownst to some, and yet newly informed to others, we are expecting. There’s one in the oven, as you might say. (Or as I tell my wife, there’s an alien growing in her dome. She laughs, seriously.) Happiness abides in the Young home, and expectant joy with every karate match I witness of our son in the womb. It’s tough having a ninja for a father, but he’ll grow into it. And yet, as some may know, this is not our first child. We had the joy of conceiving a child last fall after waiting on the Lord’s “opening of the womb”. And shortly after, we had the sorrow of the Lord taking our little one away. The sorrow was deep and...

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Fighting Human Trafficking From Another Angle

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By a great suggestion from my friend Don Dudley, his wife Jill,  and with the eagerness of another friend Damien to jump on board, I’m going to do a few blog posts this month on the subject of human trafficking. The subject has been on my mind for a number of years. I posted some thoughts on it back in ’08, and later followed up with some discussion with a pastor at our church. The issue was on my heart – and still is – and I wanted to talk with him about how we as a church could be involved. He made the point that while we may not have direct involvement at the moment in fighting human trafficking, or saving those entrapped in it, we are...

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Miscarriage of Suffering

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Part 1When I hoped for good, I tasted evil;When I reached for wine, It had soured;When I looked to Heaven, It turned to steel;When I longed for death, I remained an hour. When I turned from you, He looked at me;When I hated Him, He prayed with blood;When I cursed His face, He washed my feet;When I turned Him in, “Thy will be done.” Part 2With cries of anguish he birthed me new, The Spirit’s bloody baby whoKnew the curse as no curse at all, Reversal of Great Adam’s Fall.Using now these painful arts, To write His name upon my heart,Devil’s schemes He new contorts, Temple in me, His tender...

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