Questions for our Fourth Anniversary

Questions for our Fourth Anniversary

Today, my friends, you are seeing God’s faithfulness to silly, stupid man: Today is our fourth anniversary! Michelle has a delightful little post over at her blog today, here.

For our anniversary this year, I surprised Michelle a couple days early with a dinner celebration. We had a British breakfast (or as close as I could get for my lovely Brit), and we went to dinner at a nice Italian place. For these occasionsI typically like to come prepared with questions, especially one’s targeted for the occasion. Bellow are the questions I brought this time around:

  1.  After four years, what do you feel/think our marriage is characterized by?
    1. What four things come to the top?
  2.  What are four things you want us to be characterized by?
  3. What are the areas (4?) that we need to work on this next year?
  4. What are four new things we’ve learned about each other in these four years?
  5. What are the four funniest memories we have together?
  6. What are four new things we’re grateful for from this past year?
  7. What are four sorrows that we still carry?
  8. How can we make Date Nights better this year?
  9. How can I better serve you when I come home?
  10. How can I help you enter the week on better footing?
  11. What things do we foresee coming this year?
    1. Owen
    2. Marriage
    3. Job/calling
    4.  Family
  12. How can I lay myself lower this year to lift you up?
  13. What are the spiritual areas you think we need to focus on?
  14. How can we work together to make spiritual life more regular between us?
  15. How hot do you think I look tonight?
Feel free to use these questions. I hope they serve you in evaluating God’s faithfulness in your own marriage. I’m sure these questions could be improved upon, so please share with me how you use them, or better questions that you know of!
(The above picture if my favorite picture of us.)

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  1. Hey Jacob,
    I came across some posts from you on the Puritan Board from a few years back about Sovereign Grace. My wife and I are in Montgomery, AL and are planning on moving to a SGM church as well. I would enjoy talking with you about your experience with Sovereign Grace and your journey getting there. My email is …. Thanks for your time.



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